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Raja Burrows is an expert typologist whose writings have been featured on and He has extensively studied Jungian Typology, Myers-Briggs, and Keirsey, and can help you discover how to maximize your inherent strengths and feel confident in any audition scenario you find yourself in.

If you're struggling to figure out your type, Raja can help you decipher it! Using the Myers-Briggs system, the two of you will go through the different aspects of people's personality and figure out which ones resonate most strongly in you. 



A two hour session - $120

An 80-minute session - $100



Raja also offers two great options for revamping your book and learning to own the audition room!


A single 60-minute session


Turn your book into a lean, mean, audition machine! Together, we'll break down your book song by song, cut by cut, and rebuild it in a way that will put you in the driver's seat for any audition you walk into. This is an aggressive, take-no-prisoners approach to building a book and is not for the faint of heart!


Four (4) 60 minute sessions

$220 (includes studio costs)

For those in need of a total makeover! This four session package will help you organically discover your type and breathe new life into your auditions. In our first session, we'll focus on finding the two songs in your book that embody who you truly are. Then, in the next two sessions, we will coach each of them from an acting perspective in an effort to reveal your most authentic self through your two songs. Our last session will take place after you've done at least two auditions with each of your songs. In it, we'll fill out the rest of your book, keeping in mind your newfound understanding of who you are and what you bring to the table.

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